Terror times two in southwest Missouri



The Springfield Three vanished in June 1992. Streeter and McCall graduated high school on the same day they disappeared.

Thousands of people vanish every year. Many of them are never heard from again. It’s sad and awful, but it also provides true crime writers a deep pool of material. Though I’m focusing on one case for my capstone project, there are hundreds of cases to write about.

Two of these cases can’t be classified as murders, because the victims are still missing. All four of the women involved disappeared more than 20 years ago. Both cases occurred not far from where I grew up in southwest Missouri.

angela hammond

Angela Marie Hammond

Angela Marie Hammond, 20, was abducted on April 4, 1991, in Clinton, Missouri. Angela was using a payphone in the small town when a grungy middle-aged man driving an old green pickup truck grabbed her and fled.

Angela’s boyfriend, Rob, was talking to her on the phone when she was taken. He raced into town in his car and drove past the truck as it was leaving Clinton. Rob attempted to pursue the truck, but his transmission gave out when he threw the car into reverse at a high speed.

Originally a suspect, Rob was cleared. Nearly 25 years later, Angela is still missing. Two other women were kidnapped in the area in the months leading up to Angela’s abduction. Angela was pregnant at the time of her disappearance.

The second case might be even more terrifying. On June 7, 1992, Sherrill Levitt, Suzie Streeter and Stacy McCall went missing in Springfield, Missouri. The latter two graduated from high school earlier in the day.

There are few clues in this case (and plenty of rumors). Witnesses say they saw a suspicious-looking van in the neighborhood in the hours before the trio went missing. One witness says she saw Sherrill driving a van slowly and heard a voice telling her not to do anything stupid.

At the time the Springfield Three disappeared, Sherrill and Suzie (mother and daughter) lived across the street from Robert Craig Cox, a convicted kidnapper currently incarcerated in Texas. He still is considered a suspect.

I plan to blog about each of these cases in the upcoming months. Many of you reading this, especially those I went to school with, know about this case. What are your thoughts? How about your memories? Have you heard any theories?


5 thoughts on “Terror times two in southwest Missouri

  1. Linsey Moddelmog

    I know nothing about these cases, and they are sad to learn about, maybe your work can bring some light to these cold cases.

  2. Kim

    I’m looking forward to your articles. 3MW case has terrified me for years…how do three healthy women disappear without a trace whatsoever? & why does it seem like SPD isn’t telling us everything? The whole thing is just so tragic.

  3. anthony d brandt

    you want to investigate this , i;ll give you the statement and you can verify it , ALL , AND I MEAN A ALL THE ABDUCTIONS ARE LINKED ,

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