So I’m into fitness: Hitched and still fit

My beautiful wife Shana and I on our wedding day.

My beautiful wife Shana and I on our wedding day.

Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Almost two months. The last time I wrote about fitness was a few days before my wedding.

I’d reached my goal by that point, fitting into my dress pants during a two-monthlong project dubbed “The Wedding Fitness Project.” Clever, I know.

Not much has changed since the last fitness blog, with the exception of being married to my gorgeous wife, Shana, who blogs more frequently than I do these days.

I weigh the exact same amount as I did on June 22. I did pack on a few pounds after indulging at the reception and ignoring my routine for a few days, but I’m back down to the 195 to 196 pounds.

I’m still averaging about 5 miles a day, mostly outside thanks to a mild summer in the Midwest, and I lift weights four or five days a week.

I have backed off of running a little, cutting out most of my short runs in the morning, mostly because I was tired.

I’ve also stopped wearing the sorry shoes that were supposed to be an upgrade from my previous pair. The pair I ditched was hacking my heels to a bloody mess on a consistent basis.

Rather than buy new ones, I went back to my old pair, which had logged about 300 miles. I added a second set of rubber soles, and they’re extremely comfortable. No cuts, blisters or bleeding, and far less bruising on the bottom of the heels.

I’d still like to lose another 10 pounds, but I’m comfortable in my skin, really, for the first time in my life.


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