So I’m into fitness, Wedding Project Days 56-59: Three days away

Me with my stepsons.

Me with my stepsons.

So we’ve gone from a daily blog to every three or four days. What can I say, I’ve been busy. Putting together a wedding is a lot of work, especially when balanced with work, family and two hours a day exercising. And, of course, there’s the whole reaching your goal two weeks early thing.

I took my first day off in two weeks on Father’s Day, partly because I spent the day with dad traveling to our hometown in Joplin (it’s become a tradition to visit there since the 2011 tornado) and partly because my body clearly needed it.

It’s probably the best Father’s Day I’ve experienced. For those who don’t know, I do not have biological children. But I do have three soon-to-be stepkids, and I’ve embraced the role of “dad.” What I wasn’t expecting Sunday was a ton of Happy Fathers Days from so many people, including a card from my stepdaughter, a gift from my fiancee, a card from my soon-to-be in-laws and wishes from my family.

I went right back to work on my fitness journey after the rare day off, burning more than 1,200 the last three days, including more than 1,600 today after running more than 6 miles in 90-degree heat. I’ve been under my calorie goal all three days.

You can read my diary at My Fitness Pal.

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