So I’m into fitness, Wedding Project Days 49-51: Speeding up

Another one for the weight loss files, taking by Shana on Saturday.

Another one for the weight loss files, taken by Shana on Saturday.

Long time, no blog (three days). I’ve had three pretty good days since the last blog, under my calorie goal on each. Unfortunately, I’ve been extremely busy at work and haven’t kept a complete log of everything I’ve eaten.

Nonetheless, I’m still in the low 190s on the scale, and I noticed today that the dress pants I wore are looser than they were when I wore them a few weeks ago.

As for my workouts the past three days: I ran 5.5 miles on Sunday, a little more than 5 miles on Monday (4 miles in intervals) and about 4.5 miles today.  I ran my fastest times in 3 and 4 miles today, clocking the last three miles in 27 minutes and four in 38 minutes.

You can read my fitness diary at My Fitness Pal.

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