So I’m into fitness, Wedding Project Day 38: Running like the wind, for me anyway

From the 2011 5K at work to last month.

From the 2011 5K at work to last month.

I’ve written about non-scale victories (NSV) several times. I had some of my favorites Wednesday morning at the gym.

Despite running my usual notoriously slow first mile (about 12 minutes), I set personal bests (at least since high school) for 2 miles, 3 miles, 4 miles, 5 miles and 6 miles.

I ran two miles in the middle of my 6.5-mile run in under 18 minutes, a pace of less than 9 minutes per mile; three miles in the middle in 27 minutes (maybe a shade under) for an average of 9 minutes a mile; miles two to six in under 37 minutes for a pace of a little more than 9 minutes per mile; the last 5 miles in 46.5 minutes; and 6 miles in 58 minutes, 29 seconds, a personal best by about 30 seconds.

My burn for the first hour of the 65-minute run/walk (62 minutes running, three minutes walking) was 982 calories, also a personal best. All told, I burned 1,020 calories. I skipped my afternoon workout and worked through lunch (it happens). Still, I always think back to my first “run” three years ago, when I couldn’t job 100 yards. Pretty amazing.

Despite burning about 300 calories left than usual, I was under, partly because I didn’t have time to eat much between breakfast and dinner.

Read my food and exercise diaries at My Fitness Pal.

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