So I’m into fitness, Wedding Project Day 29: Back on track


Well, I’m officially up a few pounds from my low at the beginning of last week. I expected that after a weekend full of hamburgers and pop.

Yes, it’s unfair that it’s so much easier to gain the weight than it is to lose it, but it is what it is. The important thing is not to let a few days become a week. Because weeks become months, and so on.

I did get back on track today. It wasn’t a perfect day at the table, but I was under, thanks in large part to another great workout at the gym.

I ran intervals for the first time in several days and burned more than 750 calories on the treadmill at lunch. My morning workout consisted of rowing, P90X ab ripper, weights and a short run.

More good news: The blister problem appears to be solved. I’m using blister Band-aids and Moleskin wraps to cushion my feet from the backside of my heel.

We’re 32 days from the wedding. If I can get below 190, I’ll be happy. In other words, it’s go time!

Day 29 at the table

I’ve got to do a better job of limiting my calories, even if I’m under my goal. The good news today was I ate plenty of fruits and vegetables. See my food diary at My Fitness Pal

Day 29 at the gym

Another great day with more than 1,400 calories shredded. I ran about 6.5 miles total. See my routine at My Fitness Pal

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