So I’m into fitness, Wedding Blog Day 25: NSVs and blisters


I know, I know … late again.

I’ll begin the Day 25 blog with an NSV (non-scale victory). I ran into a co-worker on campus following my morning workout who said: “Man, the workouts are paying off. It really shows!”

Compliments like this are critical during a fitness makeover, especially during a plateau. I have lost several pounds recently, but my weight has fluctuated between 192 and 200 pounds for several months now.

To hear that compliment, and others like it, confirm that while the scale isn’t changing, my body is changing.

As for Day 25, it was a bit of a break from the week of the vegetable. For dinner, I had a meatball sub without cheese. Despite a pretty big dinner, I was nearly 400 calories under my goal.

Attribute that to my workout, as I topped the 1,300-calorie burn mark for the third time in four days. I’m averaging more than 1,300 a day this week thanks to back-to-back burns of more than 1,500 calories on Monday and Tuesday.

More good news: My blisters are improving. I switched shoes for a couple of days, back to my old pair, but went back to the new ones.

I’m using name-brand blister Band-aids (they’re significantly better than the generic brands), using healing honey and covering them with moleskin. That combination worked well this morning when I ran.

Day 25 at the table

I had a decent-sized breakfast and fairly large dinner but was not hungry at lunch and didn’t eat much. All my numbers, except sodium and sugar, were under. Read my food diary at My Fitness Pal

Day 25 at the gym

The blisters on my calcaneus made working out a struggle, but I still burned more than 1,300 calories. My morning workout consisted of a quick row (largely because the Band-aids were coming off my feet), then did the P90X ab ripper, 30 minutes of weights and a jog. I also ran 45 minutes of intervals at lunch. See my routine at My Fitness Pal

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