So I’m into fitness, Wedding Project Day 22


This was one of my better all-around days during the project. I ate plenty, but it was good food. I also exercised plenty, as in almost 1,600 calories.

I started the day with a good morning workout. It began with a non-scale victory, as I discovered that I’ve lost enough weight that the rowing machine slides forward when I’m using it. Or it could be that I row it hard enough to move it. Either way, it’s a good thing.

Shana and I started our dinner salad kick tonight. We also had a non-dairy grilled cheese sandwich with it. Perfect dinner topped with a little non-dairy ice cream.

After a 600-plus calorie burn in the morning, I burned a little under 700 running intervals at lunch. Combined with some walking on campus to approve a mailing and a few minutes of Tae-Bo, it pushed me well over 1,500 calories.

As for my diet, I made the mistake of taking all my deviled eggs to work. They were gone by the end of my lunch. But, no dairy, and no soda.

One negative: Another blister on the back of my foot. Thank god for blister band-aids, but it’s still tender.

Day 22 at the table

I consumed more than 2,700 calories, but was still under because of a 1,574-calorie burn. A lot of vegetables and protein. See my food diary at My Fitness Pal

Day 22 at the gym

Morning workout: P90X ab ripper, 30 minutes of weights and a 25-minute run (about 2.5 miles).

Afternoon: 4-plus miles of intervals, walking across campus

Evening: About 15 minutes of Tae-Bo. See my routine at My Fitness Pal

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