So I’m into fitness, Wedding Project Day 17: A dreaded day off


Man do I HATE taking days off from a workout routine. I mean I LOATHE it. So those of you who did run into me today, or read any of my posts on Facebook, Twitter or My Fitness Pal know why I was Grumpy McGrump most of the day.

I never imagined I’d have that attitude about exercise, but there are much worse addictions to have (never mind alcohol or drugs, how about soda, cheese, ice cream … now those are additions!).

I knew I’d be taking the day off when I went to bed Tuesday night. My bruised heel ached, my body just felt tired. So I slept in until 5:45 and got to work about 45 minutes early.

I was Jonesing for a workout so badly that I walked my mail across campus rather than drop it in campus mail.

In addition to missing the exhilaration of a great burn, I find myself starving on my non-workout days. Fact is, if you’re going to stay on track, you can’t eat more calories than your body burns. And if you aren’t working out, well, do the math. How my skinny fiancée manages to keep such a tight diet and stay in shape without exercise baffles me.

So I didn’t eat much today. A lot of fruits, a decent sized dinner … I still ended up more than 80 calories over budget. But, count it as another day without dairy or soda.

The best thing about taking a day off is the way your body feels the next day during that next workout. I already feel fresh and ready to go. I expect to register another four-digit burn tomorrow. And I can’t wait. Never thought I’d think this way!

Day 17 at the table

A lot of fruit, a decent dinner. I went over because I caved and ate some Chex mix. Still, considering I didn’t work out, a decent day. See what I ate today at My Fitness Pal

Day 17 at the gym

First day off in nearly two weeks.

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