So I’m into fitness, Wedding Project Day 14: Give me a 40

Forty-two miles for the week. Who would've thunk it?

Forty-two miles for the week. Who would’ve thunk it?

I was briefly annoyed at myself tonight. It’s a family tradition to go to Five Guys once a month or so, and that day was today. … At least I didn’t eat any dairy!

But it was a high-calorie meal with a bacon burger, fries and a Mr. Pibb. So the soda streak ends, though it’ll resume Monday. What I did learn is I can go without soda. It’s good, but it’s simply an addiction that can be beaten.

I was annoyed enough to clock my longest run on the final day of the week, about 7.5 miles at a pace between 10 and 11 minutes per mile. Not bad considering the chill in the air and a surprisingly gusty wind.

I felt even better when I realized I’d hit another milestone: 40 miles of running in one week.

Here’s the breakdown:

Monday: 4.5 miles of intervals (5.0 mph to 7.5 mph)

Tuesday: 6.25 miles (5.8 mph)

Wednesday: 1.25 miles in the morning, 4.25 miles of intervals in the afternoon 5.5 miles total

Thursday: 6.25 miles (6 mph)

Friday:  1.5 miles in the morning, 4.5 miles of intervals in the afternoon 6 miles total

Saturday: 6 miles (5.8 mph)

Sunday: 7.5 miles (5.6 mph)

Total for the week: 42 miles

So I averaged 6 miles a day.

Oh, and despite the caloric overload at lunch, I was well under my goal for the day. Winning.

Day 14 at the table

Five Guys for lunch with a bacon burger, fries and Mr. Pibb. A low-calorie dinner with organic, dairy free mini-pizzas and strawberry. Still about 500 calories under. Read my food diary on My Fitness Pal

Day 14 at the gym

A great day with a 7.5-mile run, which allowed me to top the 40-mile barrier for the week. See my routine at My Fitness Pal

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