So I’m into fitness, Wedding Project Day 10

I ran my first 5K two years ago. Now I average 5-6 miles a day.

I ran my first 5K two years ago. Now I average 5-6 miles a day.

Ten days in, and already so many victories. Today’s win was another low on the scale at the gym, as I checked in at 193 (there’s typically a two-pound difference in the scale at home and the gym).

I could have eaten better, but didn’t eat dairy and didn’t drink soda. I do need to watch the amount of fat I’m consuming, as it was quite a bit over. I had a little sausage (that’s what she said) and a meatball sandwich for dinner.

Another great day at the gym with a burn of more than 1,200 calories. A great mix, too, with some rowing, lifting, jogging, P90X ab ripper and intervals.

Pay it forward

One of the most rewarding aspects of losing the amount of weight I have (118.4 pounds) is the incredible support from family, friends and others on Facebook, Twitter and My Fitness Pal.

Paying that support forward is a responsibility I take seriously. So to have a couple of people tell me that I’ve inspired them to lose weight today really means a lot. That might be the biggest victory of this process.

Day 10 at the table

A little sausage and a biscuit at breakfast, an egg salad sandwich and curried rice at lunch, meatball sandwich at dinner and snacks that included a banana, pear and a small amount of Coconut Bliss ice cream. One note: Less fat, more vegetables. You can read my food diary at My Fitness Pal.

Day 10 at the gym

Another very good morning workout that included a quick row, 10 minutes of abs, 30 minutes lifting and a 1.5 mile jog. At lunch, I ran 45 minutes of intervals. Another day above 1,200 calories burned. You can see my routine at My Fitness Pal.

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