So I’m into fitness, Wedding Project Day 9

I weighed in at 191.6 pounds today, my lowest since 2001.

I weighed in at 191.6 pounds today, my lowest since 2001.

Day 9 of the Wedding Fitness Project was an odd one. I had dairy for the first time in more than a week, drank a pop (a natural one, though), yet came in 900 calories under my daily goal and registered my lowest weight since 2001. Yeah, read that again. Lowest weight. In more than 11 years.

I couldn’t stave off the taco bar at Whole Foods, eating a mix of Mexican food and drinking a natural Blue Sky Cherry Vanilla soda. Now, they do have more calories than regular soda, but they are “better” for you because they don’t contain all that junk name brand sodas do.

I also ate a few small scoops of Coconut Bliss (non-dairy) ice cream and a few chips and guacamole.

That was it for intake. I simply wasn’t that hungry.

I had the day off, so I got to run outside. The wind was a beast, and it was a little toasty, but I burned nearly 1,300 calories while running more than six miles and walking nearly a mile to cool off.

The great news is that I checked in at 191.6 pounds. I haven’t weighed that since the summer of 2001.

Day 9 at the table

I had a late lunch/early dinner as described above and not much else. You can read my food dairy at My Fitness Pal.

Day 9 at the gym

A combination run/walk (6-mile run, 1-mile walk), nearly 1,300 calories burned. You can see my routine at My Fitness Pal.

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