So I’m into fitness, wedding project Day 5

At 240-plus in May 2011 on the left and a little under 200 earlier this year on the right.

At 240-plus in May 2011 on the left and a little under 200 earlier this year on the right. Hard work definitely pays off.

I set the alarm clock for 5 a.m., planning on a morning run before a long day at work. But I could tell last night that it wasn’t going to happen. Sure enough, when the alarm went off, I let Shana get up and turn it off to start her day and promptly went right back to sleep.

Normally, I’d feel guilty about skipping a workout. But I’ve had enough injuries — shin splints, bruised heel, back strain — to understand the value of rest. So I opted not to work out today.

That made what I was eating that much more important. Despite having chicken fingers and fries at lunch, I managed to come in just a little under my daily goal. Having to walk across campus twice ended up being a good thing.

I’m still tired, much of which I attribute to a ridiculous four-day stretch at the beginning of this project, which resulted in nearly 5,000 calories burned. You can see my workout routines and food diary at My Fitness Pal.

Taking today off should pay off tomorrow. I anticipate a long morning run, which usually means a four-digit burn. I’ll need it later in the evening when we meet up with my best man for beer after our Alumni Awards banquet.

Day 5 at the gym

I walked across campus twice, about 45 minutes of walking. Essentially a day off with about 170 calories burned.

Day 5 at the table

I had three taquitos and a handful of cashews for breakfast, chicken fingers and fries for lunch and chicken stir fry for dinner. No soda, no dairy. Five days without either. Holla.

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