So I’m into fitness, wedding project Day 4

Almost trim! Clearly I'm wearing my old fat man sweats, too.

Almost trim! Clearly I’m wearing my old fat man sweats, too.

I’m tired. I know why … my workout routine at times looks like something a boxer does to train for a fight. This week alone, I’ve burned nearly 5,000 calories. My Fitness Pal sets my weekly goal at 3,250. In other words, I have to avoid overdoing it.

I often have to remind myself to take a day off. Not doing so cost me two weeks of running last spring when I developed shin splints. I’ve had a bruised heel for a long time now. In fact, I’m icing it right now. It’s probably always going to be sore, even if I do wear fitted shoes, ice it, take supplements, etc.

A little sleep should jump-start my body for Friday’s workout, which will consist of a 5- to 6-mile run in the morning. There won’t be a lift, partly because I have a board meeting that’ll run through lunch, and partly because my muscles need the break.

As far as notable changes in the first four days of the wedding project, I am down about a pound, maybe a little more.

Day 4 at the table

I had vegan taquitos for breakfast, leftover non-dairy enchiladas for lunch and a pretty big dinner consisting of a meatless burger, a few crinkle fries and vegan nachos. No soda, no dairy. Winner winner, chicken dinner.

Day 4 at the gym

It was one of those days that I really didn’t want to work out in the morning … but I still burned 550 calories before breakfast with a 15-minute row, 30 minutes of weights and a 15-minute run.

At lunch, I ran 40 minutes of intervals, burning 664 calories. Total burn: 1,213 calories.

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