So I’m into fitness: Wedding project, Day 3

My beautiful Shana, one of the big reasons I'm doing this.

My beautiful Shana, one of the big reasons I’m doing this.

Another good day. Soda-free. Dairy-free. Great workouts.

One of my weaknesses has been a combination of McDonald’s and a convenient story on the turnpike during my daily commute.

It’s been enticing and easy to stop by there in the morning for a donut, Egg McMuffin or energy drink, all of which are terrible for you. My stomach has told my brain too many times that I work out so much I can treat myself. Perhaps, but not so often.

So far, so good this week. I’ve picked up iced tea in the morning, but no food. I’ve been eating fruit after my workout.

I’ve also staved off the soda addiction by drinking a small amount of Starbuck’s refreshers.

Day 3 at the table

Leftover non-dairy enchiladas for breakfast, Whole Foods beef chili for lunch and a dinner that included a few Quorn chicken nuggets, crinkle fries, half a Whole foods bean and rice burrito and a good portion of green beans.

Day 3 at the gym

Great morning workout of 30 minutes rowing, 25 lifting and eight minutes of P90X ab ripper for a total of 580 calories burned.

Good lunch run covering 4 miles for a total of 641 calories burned. All told, 1,221 calories torched.


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