So I’m into fitness: A writer writes



At 195 pounds in September.

I’ve mentioned in passing on Facebook and Twitter that I’ve been planning on writing a book about my fitness journey, one that’s going on three years now. It’s a slow process, but at least it’s under way.

I found that posting about my workouts and eating habits have served as great motivation during this adventure, which has resulted in nearly 120 pounds loss and an amazing upgrade in quality of life.

I’ve also found the support from readers, family, friends, associates and so many other folks to be overwhelming. With that in mind, I figure if I start blogging about my book, it’ll give me incentive to concentrate of finishing it.

Here’s an excerpt …


“I want to apologize … for all those times I called you names, like fat, when we were kids. I truly apologize and want you to know I am very proud of what you have accomplished with your weight loss.”

My brother and I weren’t close growing up. We couldn’t have been more opposite. He had it all: Looks, athleticism, charm, the girls. My father proudly referred to him as a lady killer. I had intelligence and humor … and fat, shyness, awkwardness and athleticism of a tree.

So the words above, sent to me in a text message, meant a lot. A little late, perhaps, but still very powerful. They illustrate how much my brother has grown and how much my lifestyle change has impacted those dearest to me.

But that text did bring back a lot of memories. Memories of being called fat ass, biggie, fat boy, Big E, Big Ern, big boy, fatty. Memories of a boy making the “boom baba, boom baba, boom baba” noise from “Stand By Me” as I walked up the steps at Kaufmann Stadium 20 years ago.

As much as I’ve tried to forget, those will never go away. Nor will the hundreds of hurtful words and looks during my life as an overweight child and adult.