Big 12 rankings, Week 10: Border War, Part II


Missouri's faith in Haith has translated to a 25-2 record.

We’re one game from the ultimate Border War. Two rivals, both ranked in the top five, for the conference championship. It doesn’t get any better than that.

1. MISSOURI (25-2, 12-2) | LAST WEEK: Defeated Oklahoma State, Texas A&M | THIS WEEK: Tuesday vs. Kansas State, Saturday at Kansas

THE RUB: Assuming the Tigers get past the Wildcats, Saturday’s game might rank as the biggest in the rivalry’s history.

2. kansas (22-5, 12-2) | LAST WEEK: Defeated Kansas State, Texas Tech | THIS WEEK: Wednesday at Texas A&M, Saturday vs. Missouri

THE RUB: If Dash Harris returns for the Aggies, Wednesday looks like a trap game for the jayhawks.

3. IOWA STATE (19-8, 9-5) | LAST WEEK: Lost to Baylor, defeated Oklahoma | THIS WEEK: Wednesday vs. Texas Tech, Saturday at Kansas State

THE RUB: One more win should lock up an NCAA Tournament bid.

4. BAYLOR (22-5, 9-5) | LAST WEEK: Defeated Iowa State, lost to Kansas State | THIS WEEK: Monday at Texas, Saturday vs. Oklahoma

THE RUB: So much talent, so little heart.

5. KANSAS STATE (18-8, 7-7) | LAST WEEK: Lost to Kansas, defeated Baylor | THIS WEEK: Tuesday at Missouri, Saturday vs. Iowa State

THE RUB: HUGE win for the Wildcats. The reward? Back-to-back games against Missouri and Iowa State

6. TEXAS (17-10, 7-7) | LAST WEEK: Defeated Oklahoma, lost to Oklahoma State | THIS WEEK: Monday vs. Baylor, Saturday at Texas Tech

THE RUB: The Longhorns need two wins this week to secure an NCAA bid.

7. OKLAHOMA STATE (13-14, 6-8) | LAST WEEK: Lost to Missouri, defeated Texas | THIS WEEK: Wednesday at Oklahoma, Saturday vs. Texas A&M

THE RUB: Nineteenth-year senior Keiton Page had a game for the ages Saturday with 40 points.

8. TEXAS A&M (13-13, 4-10) | LAST WEEK: Defeated Texas Tech, lost to Missouri | THIS WEEK: Wednesday vs. Kansas, Saturday at Oklahoma State

THE RUB: The Aggies have had a miserable season but could put a dent in the Big 12 race Wednesday.

9. OKLAHOMA (13-13, 3-11) | LAST WEEK: Lost to Texas, Iowa State | THIS WEEK: Wednesday vs. Oklahoma State, Saturday at Baylor

THE RUB: The Sooners are in free-fall mode with six straight losses.

10. TEXAS TECH (8-18, 1-13) | LAST WEEK: Lost to Texas A&M, Kansas | THIS WEEK: Wednesday at Iowa State, Saturday vs. Texas

THE RUB: Saturday’s game against Kansas looked like an NBA team playing an NAIA opponent.


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