I’m into fitness, take 17: So I lost 100 pounds


There have been several milestones during my fitness makeover: Getting below 300 pounds, 50 pounds lost, weighing less than 250, etc. But it really hits you when you reach triple digits in weight loss.

That’s right, I hit 100 pounds lost last week. After months of hovering around 212-215 pounds, I broke the 210-pound barrier on Tuesday. After a 10k on Saturday, I weigh about 208. I’m sure that’s up a bit after a trip to Five Guys on Saturday and plenty of beer during Missouri’s win against Kansas.

So why did the weight finally start dipping again? Pretty simple answer: I started working out even more. I’d been running about three miles a day for four months in January. A few weeks later, I average five miles a day. During the last two weeks, I’ve run a 10k or more four times, including a seven-miler on Thursday.

Hard work pays off. I could barely walk up a flight of stairs without breathing heavily a few years ago. Now I can run seven miles. As I’ve said, if I can do it, anybody can.

A number of folks have asked about before and after photos. There aren’t a lot of before photos at my worst. Seriously, who likes their photo being taken at 300 pounds? Anyway, I’ve posted several below through the past few years. Enjoy.

JULY 2009 
On my 33rd birthday with Charles. Weight … about 300 pounds.
Final movie night in Newport News with Sean. Weight … Over 300 pounds.



At my worst … more than 300 pounds.

JUNE 2010

About 50 pounds lost, in the 260s.


About 240 pounds.

MAY 2011, PART I

With Rory at Rodeo Days, about 240 pounds.


With the girlfriend at her 20-year reunion. Weight, about 240.


September 24, not long after my first 5K. At about 220 pounds.

With the boys at about 220 pounds.

Trying on a tux for the Bow Tie Ball, about 215 pounds.


At 209 pounds, lowest since 2001.


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