Big 12 rankings, Week 6: Winning at Baylor is better than beating Baylor at home … duh


Flip Pressey (1) and Ricardo Ratliff (10) led Missouri to a win at No. 3 Baylor. Ratliff dominated the taller Bears with 27 points and eight rebounds.

Facebook and Twitter were great entertainment Saturday. Really enjoyed Kansas fans comparing their win over Baylor to Missouri’s win over the Bears. Let’s get this straight … you are supposed to win at home. Winning on the road is what determines conference titles. A win at Baylor IS huge. It trumps a win at home. There is no argument.

1. MISSOURI (18-1, 5-1) | LAST WEEK: Defeated Texas A&M, Baylor | THIS WEEK: Wednesday at Oklahoma State, Saturday vs. Texas Tech

THE RUB: Why is Missouri ranked No. 1? Because it has the top two road wins in the conference: at Iowa State and at Baylor.

2. KANSAS (16-3, 6-0) | LAST WEEK: Defeated Baylor, Texas | THIS WEEK: Monday vs. Texas A&M, Saturday at Iowa State

THE RUB: Win a legit road game and reclaim the top spot. Plenty of Kansas fans will blast me for this. My response? Write your own rankings.

3. BAYLOR (17-2, 4-2) | LAST WEEK: Lost to Kansas, Missouri | THIS WEEK: Tuesday at Oklahoma, Saturday vs. Texas

THE RUB: Talent is great, but toughness is better. So is coaching.

4. IOWA STATE (14-5, 4-2) | LAST WEEK: Defeated Oklahoma State, Texas Tech | THIS WEEK: Tuesday at Texas, Saturday vs. Kansas

THE RUB: The Cyclones are looking more and more like an NCAA Tournament team.

5. KANSAS STATE (14-4, 3-3) | LAST WEEK: Defeated Texas, Oklahoma State | THIS WEEK:  Wednesday at Texas Tech, Saturday vs. Oklahoma

THE RUB: Now that Frank Martin’s gotten his annual suspension out of the way, will the Wildcats take off?

6. TEXAS (12-7, 2-4) | LAST WEEK: Lost to Kansas State, Kansas | THIS WEEK: Tuesday vs. Iowa State, Saturday at Baylor

THE RUB: Rough week for Texas, a bubble team that wasted two golden opportunities.

7. OKLAHOMA (12-6, 2-4) | LAST WEEK: Defeated Texas Tech, lost to Texas A&M | THIS WEEK: Tuesday vs. Baylor, Saturday at Kansas State

THE RUB: A win at A&M would have been big with Baylor at Kansas State next.

8. TEXAS A&M (11-7, 2-4) | LAST WEEK: Lost to Missouri, defeated Oklahoma | THIS WEEK: Monday at Kansas, Saturday vs. Oklahoma State

THE RUB: The Aggies haven’t looked good all season. Don’t see that changing.

9. OKLAHOMA STATE (9-10, 2-4) | LAST WEEK: Lost to Iowa State, Kansas State | THIS WEEK: Wednesday vs. Missouri, Saturday at Texas A&M

THE RUB: Has Travis Ford suited up yet?

10. TEXAS TECH (7-11, 0-6) | LAST WEEK: Lost to Oklahoma, Iowa State | THIS WEEK: Wednesday vs. Kansas State, Saturday at Missouri

THE RUB: Maybe Mike Leach can coach the offense.


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