So long, Aggies … what the Big 12 (and Cee Lo Green) thinks about Texas A&M leaving


How could I not write about whining, crying, big baby Texas A&M bailing on the Big 12? As the season starts, a look at how each team feels about the Aggies folding up tent (and week one predictions):

OKLAHOMA: Like pretty much everybody, Texas A&M has done virtually nothing against the Sooners the past decade. Because of that, the Sooners are “gonna miss you,” Aggies …

WEEK ONE PREDICTION: Pain, for Tulsa. Oklahoma 56, Tulsa 14.

TEXAS: The hate for the Longhorns clearly runs deep. Thing is, they don’t care. In fact, Texas A&M, Texas says forget you …

WEEK ONE PREDICTION: Texas 49, Rice 10.

MISSOURI: For the second straight summer, a school leaves while Missouri sits and wonders. Last year, rumors had the Tigers in the Big Ten. This year, some said the Tigers might go to the SEC with the Aggies. …

WEEK ONE PREDICTION: Missouri 35, Miami (Ohio) 14.

OKLAHOMA STATE: I’ll give the Cowboys credit. You don’t hear them whining about wanting to leave, even though presumably they aren’t a sexy expansion pick. Either that, or they’re extremely patient …

WEEK ONE PREDICTION: Oklahoma State 59, Louisiana-Lafayette 21.

BAYLOR: Throw Baylor in the mix with Iowa State, among others, on the list of schools completely boned if the Big 12 breaks up. In other words, Texas A&M …


KANSAS STATE: Sorry Wildcats, you might as well be on that list with Baylor and Iowa State, maybe a step above. The Aggies already cost K-State its only shot at a national title. Geez …

WEEK ONE PREDICTION: K-State 52, Eastern Kentucky 17.

TEXAS TECH: Does anyone really care? In an ongoing theme, in regard to former coach Mike Leach …

WEEK ONE PREDICTION: Texas Tech 51, Texas State 14.

IOWA STATE: Poor Cyclones. Most likely to be left in the lurch. And A&M treats them so carelessly …

WEEK ONE PREDICTION: Iowa State 24, Northern Iowa 14

KANSAS: This might work out for the Jayhawks. They look like a Division I-AA team anyway. My vote to replace Turner Gill? …

WEEK ONE PREDICTION: Kansas 35, McNeese State 14.


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    • Ernie Webb III

      Well, you know, sports is my wheelhouse. I can call myself an expert on football. Not so sure about fitness and how to treat a girl 🙂

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