How to treat the ladies, take three: Believe


“You can’t love somebody until you love yourself.” I don’t know who said this, but it’s genius. And absolutely true. And, no, this is not what “love yourself” means …

Of course, if that’s what it meant, nobody would have a problem with love. Anywho …

It’s the absolute truth. You might love somebody, but you are not going to love them like you should if you don’t think you rock. It’s just that simple (and you can think you rock without being a conceited piece of crap) …

Part of loving yourself is having confidence. Take it from somebody who did not have much pre-Shana. As I mentioned in a previous blog, Shana had to ask me three times before I finally realized she was asking. That was due to a lack of confidence. Pretty much thought my chances were …

Then something awesome happened. Once we spent some time together, I realized I had plenty to offer. Out went the old, doubting, negative guy, in came the new, confident, positive man. That hasn’t changed. You’ve also heard that women think confidence is sexy. Absolutely true.

Jack nails it here, starting at the one-minute mark …

Joe Pesci, too, in this underrated 1990s flick …

To sum it up: If you’re lucky enough to find an amazing woman who’s clearly into you … stop doubting yourself. You got “it.” By it, I mean that quality. No need to question it.

Of course, your “work” isn’t complete. If she’s great enough to make you Superman, you’ve got to treat her like Wonder Woman. A few more tips …


Muscles, good looks, money … that’s great, but if you can’t make her laugh, forget about it. And how do you do that? Hope your sense of humor is good. Oh, and don’t try too hard. Just doesn’t work. You’re either funny, or you’re not.


Not that I’ve researched this, but I bet the majority of women save notes and letters from their significant others. It could be a short poem or song lyrics, even just an “I love you.” A quick, sweet note before work sets the tone for her day …


Not toast, and not TV dinners. There are plenty of quick meals you can cook, and trust me, she’ll appreciate the hell out of it.


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