I’m into fitness, take four: Cheating vs. treating


Miserable. That’s a common misconception about giving up dairy. That you can’t eat anything you like. And because you can’t eat anything you like, you’re miserable and this happens …

It’s really not that bad. After a few weeks, you’ll notice that not eating that garbage becomes a habit. Everybody has cravings. But there’s a difference between cheating and treating.

Cheating is when you drive to Taco Bell, order everything on the menu and indulge in a preservative-powered coma (and, no, I have not tried that) …

Treating is rewarding yourself, within reason, for kicking ass in a lifestyle change. After running nearly 100 miles, lifting weights for 20 hours and racking up 10,000 situps a month, I’m sure as hell going to reward myself.

No, it’s not going to be dairy. That’s a waste of at least one workout. Here are a few things I treat myself to …

At 180 calories, but organic with real sugar. Nonetheless, it's a treat, not an anchor of your consumption.

Yes, the occasional soda. And by occasional, I mean once every week or two.  And, no, bitch, you can’t have any of my cherry limeade.

Less than 50 calories and 10 grams of sugar

Bomb pops. Mmmm. Actually, we get the Always Save brand blast-off pops. Same thing. And they’re only got 40 calories and eight grams of sugar per bomb pop.



7:30 a.m.: Banana, bottle of water; 10 a.m.: Banana and tortilla chips; 2:15 p.m.:  Chicken enchilada, tortilla chips, water; 10 p.m.: Organic fake “chicken” patty sandwich, water.


Three-mile run, 30 minutes weights


6:30 a.m.: Sausage (two links), toast, water; 10 a.m.: Banana; 11:15 a.m.: Chicken enchilada, tortilla chips; 7 p.m.: Salad (Greens, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, eggs, fake chicken), tater tots, fizzle drink, water, tofutti cutie.


2.5-mile run (fastest mile splits since 2001), 450 situps


6:30 a.m.: Sausage (two links), toast, tea; 1 p.m.: Banana, water; 4 p.m.: Tea; 8 p.m.: Chipotle 14-pound burrito (about 3/4 of one of their huge-ass burritos with barbacoa, rice, black beans, veggies, salsa, corn and guac), tea.


2.5-mile run (fastest splits since Tuesday!), 30 minutes lifting weights, 250 situps (speed workout)


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