I’m into fitness, take three


Take three on fitness, from support to hitting the wall, intake and output.


I think a lot of people get this wrong from the beginning. You’re losing weight to look good for somebody else. It’s the wrong approach, and you’re not going to reach your goals that way.

Now I mentioned that one of my biggest inspirations is the girlfriend. No need to lie about that. I run that extra half mile or do those extra 50 situps so I can keep pace with her. An “I need to look like I belong with her” kind of thing …

Circa April 2011

But make no mistake about it, I started much of this before our worlds collided …

To put it simply, I was tired of being fat. I feared dying at a young age. I really wanted to know again what it was like to look good. So, if you want to lose weight and look better, be more healthy, do it for YOU.


This applies to pretty much anything in life, but especially when you’re doing something difficult, and make no mistake about it, losing weight is difficult. There are no shortcuts, magic pills, etc. Surrounding yourself with the right people makes a world of difference.

It can be friends, family, co-workers, etc. For me, one has been my father, who was there in the early days of this “project,” pushing me, refusing to let me quit. He’s in his 60s, yet he got out there with me, running, playing basketball, lifting. And he’s said several times that I probably added a few years to his life in the process.

Dad and I after Missouri's upset of No. 1 Oklahoma in 2010. About 30 pounds ago

Another person who has been amazing during this project is Shana. As I mentioned in my previous fitness blog, not once has she told me I shouldn’t eat something. What she has done is give me a lot of tools necessary to make it happen. For starters, the knowledge about what to eat.

But most important, the words of encouragement. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard, “You’re really looking good, slimming down a lot. I’m so proud of you.” I can’t express in words how important that is. On days when I don’t want to work out, I think of those compliments and that big smile that comes with it.

Facebook and this blog have also been a big inspiration. I have been overwhelmed at the response. I realize weight is an issue a lot of people deal with and identify with. Your kind words DO make a difference.


I hit it Thursday. You know, you get on the trail, and you find that this run is going to …

I knew right away Thursday’s run was going to be a struggle. My ankle ached and it was humid, so I wasn’t breathing as well. But, I didn’t stop. I just backed off a little, running less and walking a little more than usual. It took longer, and it was not fun, but I did manage to lift and get some situps in, though not as many.

So, my advice about hitting the wall? 1. Get a day off in somewhere. I’m a hypocrite here. I simply do not take days off, or haven’t in well over a month. As long as you feel comfortable, do your thing. But it’s not going to kill you to take a day off here and there. Just don’t take back-to-back days off. Those become weeks.

It’s also good to back off a little on days when you’re just not feeling it. And trust me, you will have those days.

INPUT (Thursday)

Breakfast: Sausage (two links) sandwich (organic sausage, of course), tea, water

Lunch: Tortilla chips, humus, grapes, bottled water

Dinner: Chicken salad wrap, half a piece of cornbread and a fizzle drink (all at Whole Foods), bomb pop

OUTPUT (Thursday)

3-mile run/walk, 30 minutes of weights, 250 situps

INPUT (Friday)

Breakfast: Peanuts and tea

Lunch: Tortilla chips and humus, water

Dinner: Organic soda, dairy-free pasta, bread and one Blue Moon beer

OUTPUT (Friday)

3-mile run, 30 minutes weights, 250 situps (Rapid-fire, as opposed to my usual slow 500 situps)

The scale this week: Down 2-3 pounds.


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