Being sweet is a good thing


There are plenty of subjects I’m clueless on. One of those, at least in my mind, is women. Yet, it’s been suggested to me by several people, including my girlfriend, that I should write a blog about how to treat a girl.

At first, I thought that was a joke. But, the more I thought about it, the more I thought about how some guys are afraid to be sweet. For whatever reason, a lot of guys see that as a sign of weakness. Common terms to describe a sweet guy? Bitch, puss, wuss, nancy … no need to go on.

And what do I say to that? Bullshit. I bet if you asked 100 women, the great majority would say that a sweet man is a manly man …

So, my great advice about how to treat a girl? Don’t be afraid to be nice, sweet, a gentleman, etc. I’ll expand on this in a later blog, but here’s an example of something that worked. In fact, I’m convinced this date is what made Shana fall for me …

A few weeks after we started dating, I had this grand idea that would span an entire day. This was when I worked at Hill’s. Because I was working 30 hours a week, I had Fridays off. I planned on this the entire week.

On that Friday in January, I started the day with a text message that said “This day is all about you. For the next 10 hours, at the top of every hour, you will get a text …”

So what were those 10 texts? I put together the lyrics of 10 songs, one per hour. At the top of every hour, I sent three texts of lyrics. Among the selections (all songs that reminded me of Shana, of course) …

How did that work out? Seven months later, she still has the piece of paper I wrote all the song lyrics on.

I had a few others things in store. When she arrived at home, she arrived to a stairway of Hershey’s kisses leading up to the second flight of stairs, which had white roses on each step. When she reached the doorway, there were six roses placed for her to find.

Also at her doorway? Firewood for her fireplace. Not just any firewood. Firewood I’d cut the previous fall with my father. And several weeks worth. So how’s that for being sweet not being manly?  What’s manlier than cutting down huge ass trees with a chainsaw?

Shana then walked into an apartment filled with the aroma of dairy-free alfredo, bread and corn.

No need for details on the rest of the evening …

I should have prefaced this by admitting that this likely would not work with every girl. Plenty would say, whoa, a little too (or way too) much so early in a relationship. In fact, we weren’t officially in a relationship at that point.

But, trust your instincts. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. It’s manly being sweet. Trust me.


4 thoughts on “Being sweet is a good thing

  1. What’s even more romatic? Never stopping yourself from being that sweet guy day after day. One good deed is not enough, guys. And I’m one lucky girl to know this 🙂

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