Yes, the blog is back


According to studies by NASA (or somebody who knows about blogs), you’re supposed to blog at least twice a week to build a following. That means seven of you will read this, considering it’s my second blog in four months. Don’t worry, the sports/pop culture/music video theme will return in time for football season.

In the meantime, I’ll fill you in on what’s been going on since April …

Seriously, 2011 has been the best year of my life. And it came right after arguably the toughest, though I wouldn’t trade those trials for anything. Wonderful learning experience. But the biggest change this year has been the girlfriend, Shana.

It’s really a great story. She was a senior my freshman year of high school, arguably the most popular and hottest girl in Burlingame. A timid freshman, I’m fairly certain I did not say a word to her that year (1990-91).

Shana’s mother was my favorite teacher in high school, one of my mentors, too. Without her guidance, I wouldn’t be a journalist. Shana’s younger sister Erin was a good friend in high school. I also went to school with her youngest sister Kerry (also still a friend to this day).

Ironically, Shana is the Curtis I knew the least about. Then we started joking around and exchanging messages on facebook. In September 2010, we were at the same BHS football game (the first for either of us in years), and there’s no question I was taken aback by how great she looked – even better than high school.

For various reasons, the stars were not aligned at that time. Of course, I’m oblivious to most signals. A few months later, after some overt flirting on facebook, she gave me her phone number.

Hint, hint. Did I call? No. After a few weeks of texting and messages on facebook, I finally get a message that read, “Look, cancer boy (my astrological sign is cancer), let’s hang out.” Finally, it registered. According to Shana, that was the THIRD attempt to ask me out.

Anyway, thank god for her persistence. We hung out on Jan. 8, watching Big 12 basketball, playing board games, chatting the night away. I knew when I left, that my life was about to change. Seven months later, we live together. And because she has kids, I inherited something I’ve wanted – a family (to go with the already awesome family I have, of course).

I used to joke that no woman would ever hold a candle, at least in my opinion, to Vivian Leigh. Somehow, I ended up with one who’s better, and she is my Vivian …

That's me (about 20 pounds ago) and Shana. Talk about hitting above your average.

JOB CHANGE: As many of you know, I gambled last year, leaving a damn good job in Tulsa at the World to be closer to home. Not an easy decision, and there were times when I questioned my sanity.

It took nearly a year to find full-time work. I worked part-time at Hill’s Pet Nutrition in the regulatory department, which was a good learning experience, but also extremely frustrating in waiting to climb the ladder.

In April, I was fortunate enough to catch on at Washburn University, as a media specialist with the Alumni Association. It’s really been a jackpot kind of job. Not only am I back in the journalism business as a designer and editor, but also finally writing again (something my parents and many friends have been relentlessly trying to get me back into).

It’s really been a great gig. My first magazine will be out in the next two weeks, and you cannot beat an opportunity that allows you to enhance your skills online. It doesn’t hurt that my co-workers rock.

HEALTH: Weight has been an issue my entire life. When I moved back here, with the help of my father, I committed to exercise. With the exception of a stretch at the end of 2010, that commitment has not waivered.

It’s been a blend of running, weight lifting, lots of situps (about 400 a day) and several versions of Tae-Bo.

We’re not sure what I weighed when I moved back in May 2010. Dad is convinced it was 300 beans. It’s possible. I’m sure at some point I did weigh that.

Thanks to the exercise, that weight dipped into the 250 range fairly quickly.

But not until recently, within the past few months, did I completely revamp my diet. A junk food junkie for years, out went fast food, dairy, pop, ice cream, and in came fruits, veggies, and lots of water.

Moving in with Shana, one of the healthiest people I know, has been a godsend. It’s been an invaluable education on eating properly. And in the short time we’ve lived together, the weight has come off quickly.

All told, it’s been about 70 pounds of weight loss since the end of 2009.


Yikes. Not proud of that picture, but I've come a long way since September 2009.


August 2011. Much better

Work remains, but I WILL GET THERE. In terms of weight, I see it as Ivan Drago …

BIG 12 BLOGS: The response to my pop culture blogs on the Big 12 was overwhelming, so I’ll be bringing them back soon. The Big 12 football preview will be the “Star Wars” edition.


5 thoughts on “Yes, the blog is back

  1. Donna Hinkle

    EB, this the first blog I’ve ever actually read and you did a great job. Nice to have a window into your world. Aunt Donna

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