Randomness marks Tuesday


A blog about something other than sports? Really? Oh, it be so ….

Move it or lose it …

I’ve grown to loathe Highway 75. That the hour commute to and from work ends in one week makes me pretty damn happy. Nothing’s worse than slow drivers. Especially on a two-lane highway. But I did think of a solution (more like a fantasy) on the way home today. What if you could Mario Kart those slow assclowns (1:15 mark below)?

The biggggggggggggggggggggggg salad …

One of the rare times I head to the cafeteria for lunch at work, after 1 p.m. to avoid traffic. Naturally, they were closing down the grill. But, what the hell, turn a negative into a positive right? Instead of wiping out that hour workout with a healthy cheeseburger, I went for the salad bar with a to-go box. Figured I’d save a few bucks and even have a little fun with it.

Cashier: “So what have you got there.”

Me: “A big salad!”

Cashier: “Not just a small salad, but a big salad. Put it on the scale. … That’ll be 8:52. That was a big salad. $7.”

Me: “I’m not treating you to lunch anymore!”

Hey the cashier got the Seinfeld reference, so I didn’t make a complete ass out of myself.

On tilt

As much as I’m looking forward to moving to Topeka for various reasons, I’ll miss staying with the old man. It’s been awesome being back home again. And I’ll definitely miss watching and listening to him play online poker. I have video/audio of the Mike Matusow-like reactions to bad beats, but I fear retaliation if I post those.

Lyrical genius

Been some interesting conversations at work lately about music, including one about the best song writers. One co-worker said they just figured I’d say Hootie and the Blowfish wrote the best music. As I pointed out, great lyrics don’t always make a great song.

The best songs with the best lyrics. I don’t think you can go wrong with these:

With or without you (u2): Sad as hell, yes. But the best songs are the ones you can identify with. Everybody identifies with this gem from 1987.

All I want is you (u2):  Has love ever been summed up better?

And as for Hootie and the Blowfish, yeah, I’d put this one in the top 10 songs, lyrically, of the 1990s …

Kids say the damnedest things …

This one from Friday after Burlingame’s game with Hartford:

Mrs. Curtis: “I see you’re raising them the wrong way (referring to the niece and nephew decked out in Missouri gear.”

Me: “Hey, they asked me if they could wear this stuff tonight.”

Draven (my nephew), yanking on my arm: “Uncle Ernie, you told me I had to wear this jersey if I went tonight.”

Me: “Busted.”


2 thoughts on “Randomness marks Tuesday

    • Ernie Webb III

      Those children LOVE Missouri. Check out my photos. Draven’s got a Missouri shirt on for his first-year photos.

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