Big 12 resurrection, the movie casting call, Part II


Last week I blogged about a Big 12 resurrection movie and which actors would play the various roles ( Unfortunately, I didn’t bother casting for cameos and lesser roles (I figured Jesus as DeLoss Dodds and Yoda as Lew Perkins couldn’t be topped). But a lot of folks (OK, more than three) seemed to enjoy it. So here’s a list of a few more characters (present and former coaches) for this yet-to-be-released epic:

Droopy Dog as Roy Williams …

Williams coached in the Big 12 for many years. And he does resemble Droopy Dog.

Joe Pesci as Frank Martin …

No, I’m not saying Frank Martin is a mobster, like the ones Pesci often plays in gangster flicks. But I am saying he dresses like one. And his temper looks like something straight out of “The Sopranos” or “Goodfellas.”

Brendan Fraser as Bill Self …

Whether or not Fraser’s a decent actor is a debate for another blog. Bill Self, on the other hand, is a very good coach. But, come on, coach, enough with the charade. Go Kojack already. You’re not fooling anybody with that rug. Fraser minus his toupee works as the KU coach.

Robert Downey Jr. as Quin Snyder …

One big difference: Downey’s career recovered. Snyder’s hasn’t.

Jeff Daniels’ Harry in Dumb and Dumber as Missouri offensive coordinator Dave Yost …

No explanation needed.

Orange Bowl mascot as Mark Mangino …

Don’t shoot the blogger here. Don’t your PR people step in here and say, hey, maybe this isn’t a great idea?

Vince Gill/a pirate as Mike Leach …

The resemblance is uncanny, and Leach loves pirates. Plus, he got swashbuckled at Tech.

Val Kilmer’s “Ice Man” as Mike Gundy …

The lettuce matches up perfectly. And both are men, and 40.

The “Can you hear me now” guy as Kelvin Sampson …

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Gary Busey as Colorado football coach Dan Hawkins …

They’re both just a little bit (or a lot) nutty.

Sean Penn in Dead Man Walking as OU basketball coach Jeff Capel …

At last check, Capel was scouting the local YMCA to fill out the remaining 11 spots on his roster.


2 thoughts on “Big 12 resurrection, the movie casting call, Part II

  1. Vicki Ruggiero

    Wow, Ernie, these are great. I think Mangino should be cast as StaPuf Marshmallow Man. Who’s he gonna call? Also, I still can’t believe Frank Martin is not Italian. Jeff Capel as Sean Penn is brilliant and probably not far from being true….

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