Big 12 rankings, part four: Kansas running away, A&M heating up


So I got ripped for having Missouri second last week. I would like thank the Aggies for putting a clown suit on that ranking (I deserved it). A look at my Big 12 rankings midway through the conference season (plus-1 for a road win, minus-1 for a home loss):

1. Kansas (22-1, 8-0, +4): The Jayhawks were lethargic in wins against Colorado and Nebraska. If that continues Monday night at Texas, they’ll be 8-1. Projection: 28-3, 14-2.

2. Kansas State (19-4, 6-3, +2): The Wildcats are making the most of a Charmin soft middle-of-the-conference schedule and that shouldn’t change this week against Colorado and Nebraska. Projection: 24-6, 11-5.

3. Texas A&M (17-6, 6-3, +1): Aggies had a monster week, rallying to snap Missouri’s 32-game winning streak at home and knocking off No. 20 Baylor at home. Projection: 22-8, 11-5.

4. Baylor (17-5, 4-4, even): Bears get the nod over the Longhorns at No. 4 because they won in Austin (and didn’t get manhandled by Oklahoma). Projection: 23-7, 10-6.

5. Texas (19-4, 5-3, +1): The Longhorns got embarrassed by a motivated Oklahoma team on Saturday. Texas needs a win Monday against Kansas. Projection: 24-7, 10-6.

6. Missouri (17-6, 5-3, +1): Still experiencing some growing pains (blew a nine-point lead in the last 10 minutes to A&M), but bounced back with a road win at Colorado. Projection: 21-10, 9-7.

7. Oklahoma (13-9, 4-4, even): If only the Sooners consistently played with the fire they displayed Saturday against Texas. They do have a good chance to make a run with Texas Tech, Oklahoma State and Colorado coming up. Projection: 16-14, 7-9.

8. Oklahoma State (16-7, 4-5, even): This team has really struggled lately. Some of that can be attributed to Ray Penn’s injury. And James Anderson can’t win by himself. Projection: 19-11, 7-9.

9. Texas Tech (15-7, 3-5, -1): The Red Raiders have only lost one conference game at home (in overtime against Missouri), but they’re 0-4 on the road. Projection: 17-13, 5-11.

10. Colorado (11-12, 2-7, -3): The Buffaloes had Kansas on the ropes, but didn’t finish. They followed it by getting run out of their own building against Missouri. Projection: 14-16, 5-11.

11. Iowa State (13-10, 2-6, -2): You’d think a team with Craig Brackins and Marquis Gilstrap would be a little better. Doesn’t get any easy with back-to-back road trips to Columbia and Lawrence. Projection: 15-16, 4-12.

12. Nebraska (13-10, 1-7, -3): Have to admire that the Huskers haven’t quit, but they’re still bad. Projection: 15-16, 3-13.


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