TV shows I wish they’d bring back … and never show again


1. Wonder Years: Yes, Seinfeld is my favorite show, followed by The Office and Cheers, but those shows are available in syndication and on DVD. The Wonder Years? It’s only on in Canada right now. And it may never be in syndication because the RIAA thinks it should be paid a fortune for the rights to the music used in the series. I think people from all generations can identify with this show. The only negatives about: 1. It only ran five years (it would have been nice to see Kevin and Winnie’s senior year); 2. They kill off the dad (Dan Laurie) in the final episode (he dies during Kevin’s freshman year of college).

2. Seinfeld: Let’s be honest … the characters in this show are pretty much scumbags. They are not good people. But damn are they funny. The first season wasn’t great, but find an episode that wasn’t good. You can’t.

3. Cheers: 1993 was a rough year for TV. We lost Wonder Years and Cheers that year. Unlike Seinfeld, most of the people in Cheers have some decent qualities. And unlike Seinfeld, this show was great from start to finish. In fact, as great as the show was with Kirstie Alley, it was even better with Shelley Long. Hell, this show might still be running. It went out on top, though, just like Seinfeld.

1. Family Guy: I tried to like this garbage. I really did. An exgirlfriend insisted I give it a chance. So I popped in one of the 4,538 Family Guy DVDs she owned, and laughed about three times. In three hours. It’s just not that funny. There are two kinds of people: Those who love Seinfeld, and those who love Family Guy. There is nothing original in the later. Cartman is right. I’m not resorting to liking a show just because a bunch of people think it’s cute. It’s not. And Stuey is just flippin’ creepy.

2. American Idol: I’ve never tried to like this garbage. Nor will I. William Hung made millions of dollars because of this show. Read that again, and then tell me why anybody would watch it.

3. The Real World: The first year or two was, you know real. The last 16 have been, you know, not real. Now it appears to be a manufactured piece of crap featuring a bunch of great-looking people. It might be mildly entertaining if they went small-town (Real World Guymon, Okla., or Real World Fredonia, Kan.) or dangerous (Real World Compton).


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