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I love notes columns. No one did it better than longtime Topeka Capital-Journal writer/editor Pete Goering …

TCU vs. Boise State. Seriously? It’s hard enough for the little guys in college football in this archaic system to get a shot at the big time. So two mid-majors have a monster season, and they’re reward is a game against each other in the Fiesta Bowl?!?! (punctuation bump to Nick Mathews). Why not give the Horned Frogs and Broncos a shot at Florida or Ohio State. Of course, Boise State did beat Oregon this year. As good as this game likely will be, I want to see David take on Goliath (TCU vs. Florida, e.g.).

… With that in mind, enough of this locked-in Pac-10/Big Ten traditional garbage. The Rose Bowl is a big part of the problem with the BCS. Take, for example, this quote from 2007:

“We’re not in favor of a plus one,” Pac-10 commissioner Tom Hansen said of a title game that would be added to the end of the bowl season. “That would probably require sending teams out of their historic bowl alliances. We’re opposed to that.”

In other words, why change anything? “Well, that’s just like your opinion man.” It’s also tradition that times must and always do change. FYI, the last three Rose Bowls have an average margin of victory of 20 points. And all three included Southern Cal. Lots of variety there.

… Best bowl matchups: Sugar Bowl (Florida vs. Cincinnati), Gator Bowl (Florida State vs. West Virginia), Fiesta (Boise vs. TCU). If Cincinnati wins and Alabama loses, the Bearcats can make a case that they should be the national champions. Bobby Bowden’s final game is a no-brainer. TCU-Boise should be a great game.

… Worst bowl matchups: Insight Bowl (Iowa State vs. Minnesota), Alamo Bowl (Michigan State vs. Texas Tech), New Mexico Bowl (Fresno State vs. Wyoming). No explanation needed.

… At one point Monday, rumors circulated that the Royals were working on a deal with the Cubs for Milton Bradley. Jose Guillen and Milton Bradley in the same outfield? Why not round it out by trading for Elijah Dukes or asking Barry Bonds to come out of retirement?

… The 2010 Masters may be the first golf tournament covered by ESPN, The Golf Channel, the New York Times, Cosmopolitan, the National Enquirer, Hard Copy and E!

… Was that Joe Flacco or Joe Pesci playing quarterback for the Ravens Monday? At least Pesci hit his targets.


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