When did myspace become bell-bottoms? Reading time: 3 minutes


I think a lot of us probably still have myspace pages. It’s kind of like that crap in the back of your closet you never unpack but haul with you regardless of where you move (or is that just me?)

I got an e-mail from Tom about upgrades at myspace, so for the first time in months, I actually checked out my page. It’s the virtual version of the portrayal of Dodge City in “National Lampoon’s Vacation.” The upgrades include pop-up chat, status updates and much of what facebook has been doing for a long time now. And it’s nowhere near as good.

Myspace used to be cool. When did that start changing? For younger people, probably three or four years ago. For old farts my age (33), a few years after that. I stopped sending messages and blogging on myspace at the end of 2008. Facebook’s just better. It’s easier to get in touch with people. I have 581 friends on facebook … 96 on myspace (granted, I barely know a lot of my “friends” on facebook).

I did discover one good thing about myspace: 66 pages of old e-mails, most of which were exchanges with an exgirlfriend. Talk about nostalgia. And talk about, well, let’s face it, being whipped on many levels. Then again, I’ve always thought that a guy who says another guy is whipped probably isn’t getting any.

So, yeah, facebook is cool. It’s cool to hook the new crackberry up with facebook. But I’m still not convinced Twitter is the cat’s pajamas (bump to Kurt Caywood for tipping me off on that phrase).


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